iDrive Cloud- The Best Cloud Storage For Photos Review of 2023

Backups are crucial, crucial, crucial. You can only be sure you won’t lose any of your files by doing this. This is why everyone has to set up some sort of backup software and service; for the majority of individuals, IDrive is their Best Cloud Storage For Photos. IDrive provides more storage than the majority of users would ever require for less money than the majority of the competitors. It also has pretty outstanding Best Cloud Storage For Photos. IDrive is designed to be installed once on all of your computers and mobile devices, which is precisely how Best Cloud Storage For Photos should operate. Continue reading to learn more about iDrive Cloud- The Best Cloud Storage For Photos Review

What is the price of IDrive?

Best Cloud Storage For Photos

There is a 10GB free version of IDrive available. To register for this edition, no credit card is necessary. With 10GB, the majority of users won’t be able to back up their whole computer, but there is still enough room to save a sizable amount of documents and photographs. Additionally, it is extremely kind. The majority of backup programs don’t even provide a free version.

It’s also important to note that IDrive’s free edition and all other versions allow for local file backups to network or external drives. Best Cloud Storage For Photos is not a feature that many providers offer, and others, like Carbonite Safe, charge extra for it. Additionally, there is no device cap, so you may use any IDrive to back up as many devices as you’d like. IDrive Personal, is a for-profit plan with 5TB of storage, with an annual starting price of $79.50. The first year is discounted ($59.62).

Introduction to iDrive Cloud- Best Cloud Storage For Photos

IDrive requires registration before you can use it, but if you choose the free version, you may do so without a credit card. You receive links to the IDrive application for a variety of devices after creating your account. Every device that you wish to back up requires the program to be installed.

Following installation, you log into your account and choose which files you wish to regularly back up. You may choose to back up your entire hard drive or just a few files, such as your papers, and images. You have the choice.

Best Cloud Storage For Photos

1. Doing Desktop Backup Correctly

The desktop program makes it simple to regularly back up as many files as you’d like—or almost constantly, known as Real-Time in the settings. The default setting, which is probably good for most individuals, is to back up every day first thing in the morning. People can specify the days of the week and hours of the operation if they prefer less frequent updates. Granted, the majority of users can probably remain with the settings, but power users will value the flexibility.

2. Mobile Backup Included

In addition to backing up your PC, IDrive can also back up your mobile devices. Your contacts, calendar, photographs, and videos can all be backed up on iOS devices. With the ability to back up all of that in addition to the full history of SMS and call logs, Android users have even more alternatives. Users of Android devices may also back up locally stored music and other information.

The major selling point here is photo backup, though, as images are sometimes the only genuinely irreplaceable data individuals store on their phones. To ensure you never lose those photos, just install IDrive on a mobile device. That’s why iDrive is evaluated as the Best Cloud Storage For Photos.

3. Basic Sharing

Best Cloud Storage For Photos

From the online interface, you may share any file that is backed up with IDrive. However, there is just the option to create and copy a URL to the file; there is no support for directly sharing a file with another IDrive user. You may limit the number of times a file can be downloaded, password-protect shared files, and decide how long a file will be accessible for viewing and downloading. It would be preferable if you could directly exchange files with other users, similar to how Dropbox allows you to.

How quickly do files upload on IDrive?

I uploaded 505GB to IDrive during my testing, which took 28 hours and 44 minutes. This equates to an upload speed of 1GB every 3 minutes, 25 seconds. I performed my testing on a Windows 10 PC with an Ethernet-connected mechanical hard disk connected to my local network. The upload speed of my home internet is 50 Mbps. You may anticipate using up all of your 5TB of storage with these rates, which is an impressively short amount of time.

Comparatively, when I tried Box, I uploaded 98.7GB of data before reaching the 100GB storage limit of the Personal Pro account due to my test files. This suggests that I was uploading data at a pace of 16.1GB per hour, or 1GB in less than 4 minutes, which is almost the same as IDrive. That transfer took around 6 hours and 4 minutes.

ElephantDrive took an average of 15 minutes to transfer 1GB of data from a NAS. According to that calculation, a terabyte of data may take around 10 days to upload, however with ElephantDrive, all files are encrypted prior to upload, thus the CPU has an impact on the transfer speed throughout the entire process. Your pace will thus vary.


IDrive is deserving as the Best Cloud Storage For Photos. It is a comprehensive backup solution with speedy file uploads and incredible pricing. There isn’t a better offer on Best Cloud Storage For Photos anywhere.

Nevertheless, based on your demands, alternative apps could also be worthwhile to investigate. Editors’ Selection Full-disk pictures of Windows computers may be made expertly using ShadowProtect SPX Desktop, and Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office offers a wide range of protection options. IDrive, however, should be your Best Cloud Storage For Photos to think about purchasing for the majority of individuals.

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