How To Unlock Laptop Keyboard? The 2 Best Ways For You

How To Unlock Laptop Keyboard? The mouse and keyboard are the two primary input devices you may use to communicate with your computer or laptop. In contrast to desktop PCs, laptops include a keyboard and mouse, so there are times when you do not need to use the keyboard, such as during online meetings, or presentations, or when leaving your laptop unattended near children.

There should be a button that you may know How To Unlock Laptop Keyboard in these circumstances to prevent any disruption. Therefore, if you’re seeking for information on How To Unlock Laptop Keyboard on your laptop, you’ve come to the correct spot since we’ve provided two programs.

How To Unlock Laptop Keyboard?

Today’s laptops don’t all have the ability to lock and unlock their keyboards, therefore to make things easier for everyone, there are several programs that you may use; nevertheless, we’ve included the finest one in this article.

As was already said, locking your keyboard is helpful while you are watching a movie with your kids, cleaning the keyboard while kids are running about, or attending any meeting at home. If you leave your laptop alone at work, you may also lock the keyboard to prevent anyone from using it.

1.  How To Unlock Laptop Keyboard by using KeyFreeze?

Using the KeyFreeze program, which locks and unlocks your keyboard quickly and with no complicated installation procedures, is the best and simplest way to lock and unlock your keyboard. You can just download it from here, execute the setup file it downloads, and you’re ready to go.

When you first launch the program after installation, a pop-up similar to the one below will appear:

  • Simply select the “Lock Keyboard & Mouse” option to lock your keyboard, and it will do so in five seconds.
  • You must simultaneously hit CTRL, ALT, and DEL to unlock your keyboard and mouse. After that, just press the Esc key to release the lock.

One thing to keep in mind is that when the program has been installed, there will be no icon for it on the desktop; thus, you must add it to the taskbar or the start menu, as seen in the image below:

How To Unlock Laptop Keyboard

2. How To Unlock Laptop Keyboard by using the Kid Key Lock application?

The Kid Key Lock is another program you may use to lock your keyboard and mouse. In contrast to KeyFreeze, this application also gives you the option of locking individual keyboard keys.

There are two methods for using this program. One option is to utilize the settings menu and the passwords provided to lock and unlock the keyboard and mouse as seen in the image below:

How To Unlock Laptop Keyboard

The other method involves clicking on the program icon in the task bar’s hidden icon menu. From there, you can choose which keys you want to use to lock or unlock the keyboard and mouse by selecting the locks option, and you can also access the configuration menu.

The password reminder notice is one intrusive feature of this program, therefore you may disable it by unchecking the box shown in the figure below, which is marked in red.

How to get into a laptop’s locked keyboard?

1. Verify that your computer is not just freezing.

Rather than a keyboard lock, you are considerably more likely to experience regular computer freezing. But even so, a frozen laptop may give the appearance that your keyboard or other accessories aren’t working properly.

There are several reasons why your whole interface is unresponsive, despite the fact that keyboards occasionally experience problems. If you can establish that the issue is not with your keyboard or other hardware, you may frequently avoid spending a lot of time troubleshooting them.

  • Do this: The first thing you should do if your device looks unresponsive is simultaneously press Ctrl, Alt, and Del to check if you can kill a problematic program or process. If you believe your screen may be the culprit, you may also try using the Win + Ctrl + Shift + B command to reset your visual drivers.

2. Check your keyboard or individual keys for physical damage.

Even though it might seem apparent, looking for damage on your keyboard and in individual keys is a smart method to rule out mechanical issues. You will need to compare the price of a new laptop to the cost of repairing the broken keyboard.

How To Unlock Laptop Keyboard

  • Do this: Look for fractures in each key, then check to see whether it moves when you push it.

If you see recurring patterns of individual key failures or input issues, this may point to a larger hardware or aging issue as opposed to a straightforward keyboard software issue.

When your keyboard isn’t working properly as a whole, little keyboard issues are rarely to blame, but they can build up and lead to more challenging issues. We advise getting in touch with the manufacturer’s product support team if your issue is hardware-related.


When you won’t be using your laptop for a long and there’s a danger you could accidentally press a key that could harm you, locking the keyboard can be handy. We have included the top two programs that you may use to lock and unlock your keyboard and mouse because every laptop has its unique settings and the majority of laptops do not come with keyboard locks. Now, you know How To Unlock Laptop Keyboard through our article, we hope this article is useful for you, thank you for reading!

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