How to charge laptop without charger? 6 Easy Ways

Making their laptop chargers unique to their brand is one of the most obvious ways laptop manufacturers set themselves apart from competing models. What do you do if your laptop charger breaks and nobody else in the area has the same brand? Even if you don’t have a charger, there are several methods for keeping your laptop powered. And we’ve covered how to charge laptop without charger in this blog article.

How to charge laptop without charger

Use a Power Bank

The majority of people choose this option since it is the simplest and most practical way to charge computers without chargers. For your laptop, power banks effectively serve as portable power supplies. Simply put your laptop into the power supply, and it will start charging for you.

There are many different colors and forms available for power banks. As a result, they were all constructed with different charging capacity. Typically, power banks can recharge your battery once, maybe twice. This is particularly true if you want to charge a powerful laptop.

how to charge laptop without charger: Use a Power Bank
How to charge laptop without charger: Use a Power Bank

Additionally, power banks require charging. You won’t be able to use your power bank to charge your laptop when it runs out of juice. Therefore, I advise keeping your power bank charged so that you may use it anytime you find yourself needing to leave the house without first charging your laptop.

However, be careful to choose a power bank designed for laptops, as most power banks on the market have only 5V USB output, whereas laptops require a greater voltage than smartphones do. Depending on your device’s characteristics, a laptop would require a high voltage output of 16V–20V.

Use Universal Charger

Have you encountered various “universal” tools? For objects that are completely compatible with a variety of products, the word “universal” is used. For instance, a Samsung remote will likely only be compatible with Samsung TVs. However, a universal remote control allows you to operate practically all of your TV’s functions without the need for a regular remote control, including channel and volume changes.

Chargers for laptops function similarly. Aside from the fact that each laptop has a specific plug type for each manufacturer, you should typically be able to recharge your laptop using simply the charger that came with it. However, you will be able to charge your laptop (as well as many other devices) without the normal charger if you use a universal charger.

A universal charger changes the adapter type at the end of the charger that plugs into the laptop by detaching and replacing it. The charger kit will include a variety of plug kinds that can connect with various laptop brand names. The nicest aspect of investing in a universal charger is that it is much simpler to get one quickly than a particularly specialized charger. It can be used with practically every brand of laptop.

The main problem to this is that it would be hard to replace a particular type of plug if you lost it. You would most likely need to purchase a brand-new universal charger in this circumstance.

Use of a Car Battery

If you travel frequently, you’ll probably need to charge your laptop without access to a power outlet. Without access to ordinary wall electrical plugs, conventional chargers often do not function. Fortunately, you can charge your laptop using the battery from your automobile.

How to charge laptop without charger: Use of a Car Battery
How to charge laptop without charger: Use of a Car Battery

The most popular method for utilizing your automobile battery to charge a laptop without a charger is by using a power inverter. Power inverters can be connected directly to the cigarette lighter outlet in your automobile. They are capable of supplying 300 watts of continuous power, which is more than enough to run your laptop.

This option has the drawback of leaving a large gadget on the floor of your automobile. This solution is nevertheless important since it is simple to apply despite that drawback. The fact that laptops lack a built-in voltage regulator is another barrier to this method.

Most equipment designed to be used in cars includes built-in voltage regulators that regulate the battery voltage appropriately. It can be a little tough to charge your automobile using the battery in your car because laptops are made such that their unique AC adaptors handle all the regulating.

Using an AC adapter is another way to use your car’s battery to charge your laptop. A USB Type-A connection and a USB Type-C connector must be connected on either side. You would just need to connect the USB charger to your laptop at this point.

Fortunately, you can use the same technique to recharge your laptop while driving. Once more, you may accomplish this by following the instructions for utilizing a Type-C USB cable to charge your laptop. However, since the majority of automobiles only have USB Type-A ports inside of them, you will need a USB Type-A to Type-C converter this time.

However, you can alternatively purchase a single USB cable with a Type-A connector on one end and a Type-C connector on the other. A power inverter may be used to connect your laptop to the cigarette lighter plug in your car in order to charge it there as well.

Bring An Extra Battery For Backup

In the case that our laptop battery runs out, having a battery pack is always useful. We may use this extra battery to prevent interruptions to our activities if the battery becomes low. Just be sure to always charge them both to their full capacity to reap the most advantages.

But only laptops with removable batteries can benefit from having an additional battery. For laptops with an integrated battery, it won’t work because doing so will be much trickier than it seems.

To remove a built-in battery, open the laptop’s base and carefully unplug all of the connections that are connected to it.  It won’t be worth the trouble, and there’s a good possibility you’ll end up breaking your computer in the process.

Use Your Smartphone

Use Your Smartphone
Use Your Smartphone

In an emergency, this approach is often utilized as a last option. The majority of cell phones can serve as portable power sources for your laptop. For obvious reasons, your smartphone won’t be able to power your laptop for a lengthy amount of time. Even after your battery runs out of juice, you’ll likely only be able to keep your laptop powered for a 30-minute period. Having a dead phone’s battery life is essentially the price to pay for having a longer battery life.

How should you apply this technique given that the benefits are transient yet it is still a terrific option when there is no other option and you desperately need to use your laptop? You will require a USB Type-C cable. With the help of this connection, you can link your laptop and smartphone, choose a suitable choice, and finish the process.


Make the deliberate decision to research and prepare a backup plan in case your laptop runs out of power when you badly need to use it because it is an investment in your self-improvement. These techniques will swiftly get you out of a difficult situation and are really beneficial. Hopefully, this article on how to charge laptop without charger will be appealing to you.


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