Dialpad – the best call management system for small business

Dialpad is the best call management system for small business if you’re looking for an intuitively built platform with cutting-edge communication tools and an affordable price. One of the greatest voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) services available, it is renowned for its Voice Intelligence function, which offers companies a simple and efficient communication tool. You can remain on top of all conversations with the aid of this well-automated communication system without having to spend a fortune or allowing any details to fall through the cracks. This Dialpad review aims to demonstrate how Dialpad – the best call management system for small business may improve your business through regular communication. Let’s started with Manhuatoon now:

Dialpad Overview

Dialpad enhances the capabilities of a conventional phone by enabling you to conduct video conferences and clear audio conversations from any location. All you need is a high-speed internet connection. Additionally, you may make calls whenever you want owing to top-notch features like Call Flip, which enables you to resume a call that was started on your laptop on your smartphone.

Calls (both missed and received), voicemails, and text messages are all automatically recorded to your contacts when your Dialpad account is linked to Cloze. You may quickly add notes during the call because Cloze will even automatically match incoming callers with existing contacts and display them on screen.

Dialpad Overview

Additionally, you can manage users, change call settings, and quickly link the system with office suites like Microsoft 365, Slack, and Google Workspace using the system’s central administrator page. Additionally, you won’t need to be concerned about disclosing private information because its strong encryption and integrated security features let you silence participants, banish unwelcome visitors, and switch features and integrations on and off.

The Standard package from Dialpad is ideal for small businesses with a single office. You may control, forward, hold, transfer, or mute conversations and host ten-person video meetings with only one license and $20 per user, each month. Voicemail transcription, after-hours routing, integrations, and round-the-clock assistance are additional features of this package.

With added features including the ability to utilize desk phones, support for ten office locations, and video meetings that accommodate up to 100 people, the Pro plan is a better choice for bigger enterprises. Additionally, you may host up to 25 ring groups, send international SMS, and receive 24/7 phone assistance by paying $30 per user, every month.

With unlimited ring groups, IAM/SSO connections, improved 24/7 phone support, any number of office locations, and more features, Dialpad’s Enterprise plan now integrates and expands upon the capabilities of existing plans. This plan is better suited for well-established organizations, but if you want the right details, you’ll need to get a quotation.

Outstanding features of Dialpad Рthe best call management system for small business 

Voice Intelligence

The Voice Intelligence (Vi) technology, which has capabilities like analyzing your conversations and transcribing live calls, is one feature that distinguishes Dialpad. When following up with clients or coworkers, you may quickly reference the notes created via the live transcribing tool. Additionally, you may switch the function on or off with only a click if you don’t want to record or transcript calls.

The Voice Intelligence function of Dialpad, which was just described, is among its most lauded selling factors. There are various benefits offered by this artificial intelligence (AI) based voice and language recognition engine. The most notable of them is automated voice call transcription, which is improved over time through machine learning (ML).

Voice Intelligence on Dialpad converts voice interactions to text.

Speech intelligence (Vi) feature updates have led to enhanced voice transcription accuracy and the ability to identify action items for both conversations and meetings. Participants in meetings may get call summaries for future reference.

Real-Time Assist cards, another component under the Voice Intelligence tab, are made to carry certain instructions or information for call takers in particular circumstances. These cards must be manually created, but Dialpad’s Vi function can show them automatically when it hears particular words or phrases that act as triggers in a spoken discussion. So, for instance, the call recipient can be automatically supplied the addresses of pertinent sites when Dialpad determines that a caller is requesting your company’s street address. Custom Moments, yet another function, employs individual trigger words or phrases for post-call analysis and coaching.

The Software Advantage

Dialpad emphasizes its integration capabilities in addition to software because of how software-focused it is. Every time we’ve tried it, the list of integrations has become longer. Examples include Zendesk, HubSpot, Intercom, Salesforce High-Velocity Sales, Microsoft Teams, and HubSpot. Since our last review, additional integrations have been introduced, one of which is Miro Whiteboard, which links the idea of a shared whiteboard with Dialpad’s meetings function.

If you can’t find what you need, a search option is provided on the web page for the app store. Some integrations, like Slack, address the need to integrate with existing products a company has in place while offering features comparable to those found in Dialpad.

An SMBs-Oriented Software-Driven Solution

The cost-effective Dialpad solution for small to medium-sized businesses continues to offer capabilities not offered by competing competitors, especially its AI-driven Voice Intelligence. Although it currently has significant weaknesses, such as call quality reporting, its quick development cycle predicts that it will keep adding new capabilities in response to client demand. Check out the free trial if your business is seeking for a cutting-edge VoIP solution that replaces outdated paradigms with software-driven voice communications.

One of the top VoIP systems, Dialpad provides all you want for effective online communication. Although it may not have as many features as other VoIP platforms like Nextiva and RingCentral, its features are unquestionably adequate.

Dialpad Pricing and Plans

All users have access to Dialpad Meetings’ free version, although it has several restrictions, including a maximum of 10 attendees and a 45-minute time limit. The most popular Business plan costs $15 per month per user when invoiced annually and includes all the features.

Dialpad Pricing and Plans

A minimum of three licenses are needed for the new Pro tier, which costs $25 per user each month. However, for the additional money, you get benefits like unlimited text-only meetings lasting up to five hours each, 24/7 support, support for local calling in more than 50 countries, CRM integrations, and more. If you have 100 seats or more, an Enterprise service is also available, although Dialpad withholds price information for this tier.

This time, Dialpad Meetings has replaced UberConference as the name of the video conferencing add-on. The same restrictions apply as before: If your meetings are restricted to 10 people and 45 minutes or less, Dialpad Meetings will add video conferencing to any basic product tier for free. You must upgrade to the Business meetings plan, which costs $15 extra per user per month, if there are more than 10 attendees and the meeting will last up to five hours.


Since our last review, Dialpad has increased the number of AI-based speech transcription and smart alerting tools it offers, as well as expanded its library of software connectors, making it a good option for companies seeking for the best call management system for small business.

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